Micah Jones Wedding Photography

Micah Jones is a renowned destination wedding photographer, with a passion for his work that clearly shows in his photographs. He is based in Florida with his brother, Dakoda Jones who is a professional world class cinematographer.

Micah travels worldwide to photograph weddings, specialising in fine art photography and a fusion of wedding and photojournalism to tell the story of the perfect day for the perfect couple. However, some of his finest work can be found in photographs of Denver, Colorado wedding photography.

Denver wedding photography is an art form in itself. A combination of a fantastic choice of venues and the stunning scenery and backdrop of the Colorado Mountains all make for a wonderful fusion of ingredients for artistic and poetic photographs.

Holding your wedding at one of these venues and hiring Micah to photograph your Denver wedding will be a dream come true and will provide you with a set of memories that will last forever.

His photos will keep your memories of a special day alive and kicking forever.

Micah is teamed with his brother Dakoda, a renowned cinematographer. Not only can you have a set of photographs to commemorate your special day, but a video film of your wedding as well. He draws his inspiration from major films, giving him ideas on how to shoot the perfect video to complement your photographs.

Between them they create a fusion of the most wonderful, artistic memories to commemorate your Colorado wedding day. They have a flair for capturing the moment as it happens, naturally and artfully. Their passion shows through in the work they create and they are professional through and through.

Colorado has a wonderful choice of venues for your wedding day. Choose from The Garden of Gods club, The Broadmoor, Cheyenne Mountain, Manitou Springs, Pikes Peak and other venues in Vail, Aspen, Breckenridge and Snowmass to name but a few.

Whichever venue you choose you can be sure of some spectacular scenery for your Denver wedding photographer to capture as a backdrop to your wedding photographs. Your photographer will incorporate and blend the scenery into your photos to make them come alive, at the same time as highlighting you as the centre of attention.

It takes a special sort of photographer to be able to combine the 2 without leaving anything out and you will find that in your Colorado wedding photographer. Micah Jones has a flair for this and makes it a part of his job to create the scene exactly as it is, even capturing photographs when you don't know he's there.

Wherever you choose to hold your wedding in Denver and whichever wedding photographer you choose you can be sure of receiving a professional friendly service, with photographs and video that capture each moment of the day. If Micah Jones is not available to photograph your wedding he will happily ensure that you are passed to another equally professional Colorado wedding photographer for your special day.